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Equine Education

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Equine Education

 Did you miss a past Equine-Open House?
Or would you like to see the power-points again?

GOOD NEWS.... Below are a few of the past power-points from our educational programs.
They are full of useful information, as well as having great pictures and examples.  
They are all in pdf format. Click to view the slide-show!

2014 EQUINE OPEN HOUSE -  "Nutrition & Numbers"
Sugar & Starch- Equine Nutrition & Hay Analysis - By Doug Sutherland, Tribute Feeds  42 Slides
Soils in the Field - by Wayne SWCD - 30 Slides


Equine Dental Care 2013 - 45 slides
Equine BMP's, Manure Mangement & 4R - 40 slides
Chomping on the bit for more equine dental info? Click on these:  
 AAEP on Equine Canine Teeth  & AAEP on Common Disorders 

Fencing for Horses - by Norm Aguredakes - Straight A's Ranch Supply - 21 slides
All Weather Horse Paddocks - by Tom Holmes, ODNR  - 44 slides
Wayne SWCD & Horse BMP's by Kelly Riley
- 12 slides

click here for Presenter Contact info / Follow -up letter
Also visit the Pasture & Paddock Link at top of page for more hand-outs!
Agenda & Sponsor list for the 2012 Equine Program

Equine BMP's (Best Management Practices) 2006-Facility Concerns: Paddocks, Pastures,& Manure- 58 slides

    Managing Mud, Manure & 5 Steps to Compost - 2009 Equine Open House - 28 slides

    Equine Emergency Care - 1st Aid & Creating your own emergency kit - 2009 Equine Open House - 60 slides   

    Equine Liability & Legal Issues - The Law, Insurance & Court Examples - 2010 Equine Open House - 56 slides  

Be sure to check out the other equine educational pages for even more great resources!