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Equine Education ~ Soil Testing

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   palamino in pasture soil sampling   soil in hand
The soils in your pasture or field can make a difference in the productivity of your forages. It is recommended that soils should tested every 3-5 years. Listed below are some helpful articles on how to take a soil sample, how to read the results, and how to manage your pastures best.  As always, you can contact the Wayne SWCD for more information. All articles  are in PDF format. (Sorry, we do not test soils - click on the list of places for local assistance)

List of places that test Soil - compiled by Wayne SWCD  

Visit the Holmes Laboratory, Inc website for Soil, Water, Hay, or Grain Testing!  

Agricultural Soil Analysis Sampling Guide - 4 page quide by A&L Great Lakes Labs 

Soil Interpretative Guide to Soil Test Reports - 2 pages by A&L Great Lakes Labs  

Interpretive Guide for Lawn and Garden Samples - 2 pages by A&L Great Lakes Labs

Soil Testing - Pastures Made Perfect - 2 pages by Forage First

Soil Sampling Pastures -  4 page guide by University of Missouri Ext. 

Soil Sampling and Nutrient Management in Horse Pastures - 4 page guide by Univ. of Ky

F.A.Q. about Fertlilizing and Horse Pastures - 2 pages - answered by Rutgers Co-op Ext.