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Equine Education ~ Forages & Hay

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So you know how to feed your horse. But do you know what your feeding?
The art of hay making isn't easy, and knowing the right combination of grasses & legumes can be difficult.
eating hay Below are some good references on Forages & about Hay. Enjoy!
2011 Equine Open House - Power Point Presentation by Dave Robison, CISCO Seeds ~ Horse Pasture Mgmt.

    Identifying Pasture Grasses Guide A3637 by University of Wisc Co-op Ext. - 33 pages w/ great pictures!

    Identifying Pasture Legumes Guide A3787 by University of Wisc. Co-op Ext. - 52 pages w/ great pictures!

    Establishing & Managing Horse Pastures by University of Kentucky Co-op Ext. Service - 4 pages
    Choosing Hay for Horses by University of Kentucy Co-op Ext. Service - 4 pages

    Buying Horse Hay A3772 by University of Wisc. Ext.  - 16 pages

    Selecting and Storing Horse Hay by University of Minn. Ext Service - 4 pagesn

    Pasture and Hay for Horses Agronony Facts 32 by Penn State University - 4 pages

    Hay Loading - Stacking Hay for a short haul - 2 page article by Equus Magazine June 2009

    Hay Cost Calculator Chart - find out the price of hay based on the tonnage or by the bale. Be a smart shopper!
    Recommended Principles for Proper Hay Sampling - 3 page article from the NFTA website

    Procedure for Sampling Hay - a 1 page diagram from equi-analytical

    Learn about the different types of hay testing they do: WET Chemical vs. NIR (infa-red) Hay Testing  in this article

    Good References for Hay Sampling, Where to purchase a hay probe, & get your hay tested at these sites:
    Holmes Lab Inc.       National Forage Testing Association (NFTA)    Cumberland Valley Anaytical Services, Inc.

       Hay cartoon