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Educational Programs

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The following FREE Presentations can be scheduled  by calling the  Wayne SWCD office.

ENVIROSCAPE MODEL (Grades 4-12, 45mins– 1hr.) Visually explains point & non-point source pollution on a watershed.  Students get a hands-on demonstration of the effects of water run-off,  & then learn how they can improve the watershed with conservation practices. Excellent  for any environmental lesson.

FREDDIE  THE FISH (Grades K-4, 30-45mins.) Students get a visual understanding of the effects of  pollution on “Freddie”(a sponge in a jar) as they are told about his journey downstream. Human impact on water and the importance of clean, healthy water is taught. 

LIVING SOIL PROFILE (Grades K-5, 45mins—1hr.) Students learn how soil is formed and discover  the properties  of soil. Intro & 3 different learning stations with hands-on soil smudge, rock rubbing, & coloring a soil profile are all covered.

INCREDIBLE  JOURNEY (Grades K-6, 30-45mins.) Students learn about water on earth, it’s value & the water  cycle. They act out the cycle of  a water droplet as they travel to different  locations. Best if done outdoors, or in a large area.

TREE-MENDOUS  TREES (Grades K-6, 30-45mins.) Build a tree from the inside out (Heartwood to Bark) with your students! They will learn the value of trees, along with the forms and functions of the parts of a tree. Needs a big space.

BIRDS & BEYOND (Grades K-6, 45mins. –1hr.) Students learn about birds, habitat, and conservation as they learn with Audubon toy bird replicas. They learn what makes a bird a bird,  why birds are important & listen to over 25 bird songs.

MIGRATION MANIA (Grades 2-6, 30-45mins) Reinforces definition of habitat. Discussion on why and what animals   migrate, then an activity on bird migration. They learn the effects of humans have & the importance of habitat preservation.

TONY THE TRASHBAG (Grades 2-6) Students learn the impacts of litter as they  act out the movement of a  plastic bag, and find out how it effects the whole environment., including harming animals. (Similar to Incredible Journey program)  Teachers can request a power point slide show that corresponds to the lesson presented..

OUTDOOR EDUCATION  Call & schedule us to do a program or help out at your outdoor event. From fishing & stream studies to outdoor educational lessons,  we can assist you & your school, or simply provide you with  information or materials to borrow.  Don’t forget to check out the loaner educational kits.  ANY program can be modified to fit!