Sediment and Erosion Control

DOs and DON’Ts

Sediment and Erosion (S & E) control measures are required on every non-farm earth disturbing activity in Wayne County.  Many times these measures are required to be installed before construction starts (e.g. Construction Entrances and Silt Fence) or just after construction (e.g. Inlet Protection and Erosion Control Matting).  The S & E control measures are required to remain in place until work is complete and the disturbed ground is final stabilized (vegetative cover established on at least 70% of the disturbed ground).

Because these measures are used so often, they tend to be installed the same way each time, whether or not that method is correct.  Consider this S & E Control Dos and Don’ts page a refresher course on what to do, as well as an example what not to do.

Additional information on Sediment and Erosion control measures are available in the Sediment & Erosion Control Measure Fact Sheet or by contacting Rob Kastner with Wayne SWCD at (330) 262-2836 or at


                            DOs                                                              DON’Ts

                             Silt Fence                                                      Silt Fence I

                        Filter Sock                                                    Silt Fence II

                        Inlet Protection                                             Inlet Protection I

                        Stabilization                                                  Inlet Protection II

                        Erosion Control Matting                                Erosion Control Matting

                        Sediment Trap                                              Sediment Trap

                        Construction Entrance                                  Construction Entrance

                        Rock Channel Protection                              Rock Channel Protection